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CoinMalt Launches As The Top Destination For Cryptocurrency Reviews, Data And Research

June 25, 2018

With the rise of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing numerous fields such as technology, finance and business. As of June 2018, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is about $300 billion dollars. Furthermore, there are estimates that it could be worth $10 trillion dollar in the near future. (

However, with thousands of cryptocurrency such as various coins and tokens each with a different function and capabilities, it can be difficult to gauge the quality of each of them. In addition, many innovative businesses have sprung up in response to this new form of technology by offering consumers new valued-added services. Because of the sheer number of developments every single day, both investors and consumers need access to comprehensive information about these various developments at a one-stop destination.

CoinMalt was launched in response with these set of requirements in mind. We aim to provide high-quality cryptocurrency reviews, data and research for both investors and consumers. Investors can review thousands of cryptocurrency, ask question, answers questions and submits tips about the latest updates. By providing a rich number of features with an intuitive user interface, investors will find CoinMalt to be a valuable resource. CoinMalt also has a monthly cryptocurrency survey that asks its users about the latest movements in the cryptocurrency market. The monthly cryptocurrency report that is compiled from the survey data provides great insights of the market and help users make better decisions as well.

Consumers and businesses can benefit from cryptocurrency as well. As above, many new innovative businesses are emerging and CoinMalt is the marketplace where these consumers and businesses can connect. Consumers can reviews these businesses, ask question, answers questions and submits tips as well. With this shared knowledge, consumers can shop smarter and businesses will stand to benefit as well.

Lastly, CoinMalt is free and mobile-ready for users who are always on the go. With a simple and fast user interface, we also delivers a great user experience while still being packed full of features. Users can visit CoinMalt ( to find our more starting from today.